21 January 2022, by Dr Richard Thornton

As I wish everyone a Happy New Year I am mindful that COVID has meant it has been a tough couple of years for most. We hope that 2022 will see progress and the ability to bring researchers and end-users together as much as possible in COVID-safe ways.

16 December 2021, by Dr Richard Thornton

As 2021 comes to an end, the newly formed Natural Hazards Research Australia finishes its first six months of establishment. It has been a hectic period with many streams of activity happening, despite the restrictions imposed by COVID-19.

15 December 2021

As part of the establishment of Natural Hazards Research Australia, the new role of Node Research Manager was created. The Centre currently has three Node Research Managers – Nicola Moore, Dr Kat Haynes and Dr Blythe McLennan – based in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, respectively.

But what exactly is a Node Research Manager and what will their jobs be at the Centre?

15 December 2021

Postgraduate research through Natural Hazards Research Australia has received a boost with the opening of the Centre's Associate Student program.

The program provides opportunities for students undertaking postgraduate research in a relevant field to become part of the natural hazards research community in Australia and New Zealand. Associate students will be able to:

The first round of research projects from Natural Hazards Research Australia gives a fresh boost of funding to research that will strengthen natural hazard resilience and disaster risk reduction across Australia, New Zealand and globally.
Funding is now available from Natural Hazards Research Australia to support researchers travelling to areas recently affected by natural hazards to measure impacts in a timely manner.