A two-year plan for natural hazards research | Natural Hazards Research Australia

A two-year plan for natural hazards research

Release date

26 July 2022

The next two years of natural hazards research activities from Natural Hazards Research Australia has been published in the inaugural Biennial Research Plan 2022–24, available to read and download here.

Each Biennial Research Plan will provide an operational guide for the Centre’s research activities for the coming two years; will be reviewed annually; and will be guided by the national Research Priorities, advice provided by partners and researcher engagement, as well as any unfolding natural hazards (for example, the 2022 eastern Australia floods). This approach ensures that the Centre maintains a two-year forward plan that is responding to new knowledge needs, impacts of climate change and other changes that affect our risks, vulnerabilities and resilience to natural hazards.

This inaugural Biennial Research Plan 2022–24 covers the research activities for the rest of 2022 through to 2024, including:

  • immediate research priorities and focus areas
  • detail of all research activities currently planned until 2024, including core, commissioned, postgraduate/Early Career Researcher and post-disaster research
  • engagement with other Australian research initiatives
  • how research outcomes and knowledge will be translated and implemented
  • investments in a research-skilled workforce
  • the process for updating the current Plan.

Research Strategy Director at Natural Hazards Research Australia, Dr John Bates, led the development of the Biennial Research Plan 2022–24.

“This first Biennial Research Plan can be thought of as a roadmap for Natural Hazards Research Australia to deliver its research program. Reading it will give you a sense of the breadth of our plans,” Dr Bates said.

“Importantly, this Biennial Research Plan includes a strong focus on education, training and skills development in research translation and implementation. We are excited to already be rolling out some of these activities, including hosting the inaugural Disaster Challenge and awarding our first Early Career Research Development Fellowship to Dr Phillipa McCormack from the University of Adelaide.”

This Biennial Research Plan 2022–24 will be updated in a year's time for the next Biennial Research Plan 2023–25. Partners and researchers can contact the Centre to discuss updates to Biennial Research Plans by emailing research@naturalhazards.com.au.

This Biennial Research Plan 2022–24, available here, rounds out the full suite of research governance documents from the Centre, including the Centre’s 10-Year Research Strategy and Strategic Plan 2021–2031.