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Submitting a project idea

Project concepts are formally considered for funding twice a year, as a part of the Centre’s ongoing research plan. The current round of research investment opened on 29 January 2024 and closed on 8 March 2024.

Natural Hazards Research Australia welcomes submissions of project ideas for potential inclusion in our research program. Ideas can be for short-, medium- or long-term projects. Only research that can be effectively translated and implemented by end-user organisations will be funded.

Any new research accepted will contribute to the Centre's ongoing research portfolio and will be guided by the rolling Biennial Research PlanThese plans are reviewed annually to make sure the Centre is responding to new knowledge needs.

Key dates 

Project concepts are formally considered for funding twice a year, as a part of the Centre’s ongoing research plan.

The current round of research investment has now closed.

The following table outlines key dates for this current round:

Date Activity
29  January 2024 Submissions open

12 February 2024, 1pm AEDT

Online briefing for submitting organisations
22 February 2024, 5pm AEDT Final date to seek Centre feedback on draft concepts
8 March 2024, 11.59pm AEDT Submissions close
By 30 June 2024 Submitting organisations notified of outcome

The Centre reserves the right to make changes to these timeframes as processes evolve.

There will be a further round of concept submissions in the third quarter of 2024, opening in August/September. Project concepts received with requests for more urgent approval at other times must include a strong rationale for why the research should be considered at that time.

Who can submit

Research concepts must be submitted by representatives of one of the Centre’s Participants: organisations or entities (or representative thereof) that have been contracted through a Participant Agreement with the Centre. See the project concept form below for a list of Participant organisations.

The Centre encourages submitting Participants to build collaborations with other organisations across multiple states and territories to demonstrate the national significance of the concept.

Note: The Centre does not accept project concepts from research organisations.


For organisations that are not a Participant, please contact the Centre about the Centre’s commissioned research program, or about how to become a Participant via email on for advice.

Concepts that cover areas related to First Nations peoples, cultures and knowledges must demonstrate partnership and endorsement from relevant First Nations representatives, organisations and/or community members.  

Making a submission

Projects are submitted initially as a concept before a fully developed project brief is prepared, using the Centre's project concept form. This allows the Centre to work collaboratively with the stakeholders to develop and agree on the final concept before a more detailed project brief is developed. 

A concept form dated January 2024 is now available to download at the top right of this page. This January 2024 form must be used for this project concept round. Concepts submitted using previous versions, dated June 2023 or prior, will be required to resubmit using the current form before consideration. 

Project concepts must be submitted on the project form via email to It is expected that a senior executive (CEO, Commissioner, Chief Officer, Executive Director etc) of the submitting Participant organisation will endorse the concept, and the intention to utilise research from the project by signing the concept form. Please ensure that the sign off is achieved before the closing date.

Online briefing

An online briefing for stakeholders wishing to submit project concepts to the Centre was held 1pm AEDT Monday 12 February 2024. Watch the online briefing below.

Prioritising projects

Project concepts will be prioritised for inclusion in the Centre’s research program based on the extent the concept addresses the following research prioritisation criteria and their weight:

  1. identifies a clear critical research need, or gap in knowledge and/or practice (20%)
  2. supports the directions outlined in the Centre’s Biennial Research Plan 2023-25 (20%)
  3. fits within the Centre’s overall research program, can be managed within the Centre’s resources and provides value across the Centre’s Participants (20%)
  4. is likely to result in utilised outputs that enhance safety, resilience or sustainability of communities in the context of natural hazards (20%)
  5. has relevance to multiple jurisdictions and/or sectors (20%)

Please note that concept submissions received from a single organisation are unlikely to be prioritised for funding. Concepts should include one or both of a: a) named supporting stakeholders or b) letters from additional organisations outlining a commitment to research translation and implementation.

High priority research areas (January 2024)

For this current concept submission round that closed in March, the following areas were identified as high priority research areas (see more information in the Biennial Research Plan 2023-25):

  • Understanding and mitigating risk of earthquake, cyclone and severe storm (inclusive of associated hazards)
  • Social equity

Project concepts that align with these high priority research areas are especially encouraged.

Prioritisation process

Project concepts are developed and then prioritised in a three-step process:

Step one – concept development (29 January – 8 March): Submitting Participants are encouraged to consult with the Centre’s Node Research Managers for the development of their project concept to better align their proposal with the Centre’s research prioritisation criteria. Please note, if submitting participants would like feedback from the Centre on a project concept draft, please contact the Node Research Manager for your state or territory no later than 5pm AEDT 22 February 2024.

Step two – prioritisation (March – April): A panel of Centre representatives will review project concepts against the prioritisation criteria and recommend concept proposals for funding. The panel may seek clarifications from secondary and supporting stakeholders during this step. 

Step three – approval (May – June): project concepts recommended for funding will be presented to the Centre’s Research and Implementation Committee for endorsement prior to seeking Board approval for funding.

Selection of research provider and Intellectual Property: If your concept is approved for funding and proceeds to project development stage, selection of a research provider will occur consistent with the Centre’s procurement policy, which includes provision for an open competitive expression of interest process. The Centre may use information provided in the concept submission form to develop expressions of interest. As such, submitting organisations must carefully consider any Intellectual Property ownership or interests included in the project concept submission. The Centre may also disclose information on the concept submission form to its advisors and subject matter experts.


For more information or assistance with developing a project concept, please contact or the Node Research Manager for your state or territory.