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Our research focus

We are actively developing a national research program that strengthens and extends a rich history of research in natural hazards, including the work of predecessors the Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC and the Bushfire CRC.

Towards a national research program

The research program will include short-, medium- and long-term research priorities and projects, alongside a portfolio of tactical, applied and strategic research with differing timeframes. Research will focus on natural hazard resilience and disaster risk reduction to support the needs of a variety of critical stakeholders – including emergency service agencies and communities – in preparing for, responding to and recovering from natural hazards.

This research program will include projects of a national interest or applicability to multiple states or territories. Dubbed core projects, these projects are nationally funded. The Centre will also fund and support in-kind PhD postgraduate projects through its education program, undertake specific commissioned research to meet an organisational need, and offer quick response funds to undertake time-critical research that collects perishable data in the immediate aftermath of a natural hazard.

All projects will be categorised into different themes. Explore the themes.

Various elements of the research program are being developed in parallel, based on the discussion paper Research priorities for disaster risk reduction and community resilience to the impacts of natural hazards, partner needs, urgent research needs and issues raised by recommendations from the extensions of 2020 Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster Arrangements, the 2020 NSW Independent Bushfire Inquiry and extending research and supporting utilisation of the Bushfire and Natural Hazard CRC’s Black Summer research program.

Type of investment Indicative timeframe Averaged portfolio allocation
Tactical <1 year 10–15%
Applied 1–3 years 50–60%
Strategic 3–10 years 20–30%
Students 3.5 years 10–15%

Stepped diagram of the centre's research program showing how the 10 year research strategy (reviewed every 5 years) informs the Biennial research plan (reviewed annually) which defines the research portfolio of projects

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