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Our research programs

We manage a national research program of natural hazards projects, alongside partners and research institutions around Australia. 

Natural Hazards Research Australia’s research portfolio is built from different programs of research that all contribute to a balanced, flexible and partner-driven strategy.  

  • Core research is Centre- and participant-driven and is of a national interest or relevance to multiple states or territories.  

  • Commissioned research is specifically participant-driven and is developed to meet specific organisational needs. Participants of the Centre can access this bespoke broader research program support or can commission individual projects based on specific needs – see a list of individually commissioned projects by clicking the ‘Commissioned Projects’ button below.

  • Education programs are funded by the Centre in partnership with key research institutions, comprising:  

    • Postgraduate Research Scholarships Program 

    • Early Career Researcher Development and Industry Fellowships 

    • Associate Student Program

    • Postgraduate Internship Program

  • Responsive disaster research enables essential research that is needed in the wake of a disaster caused by natural hazards.

Learn more about our research programs below or browse our full list of projects here.  

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Commissioned research management: DEECA and CFA

The Centre currently manages two large-scale commissioned research programs on behalf of the Victorian Government’s Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (DEECA) and Victoria’s Country Fire Authority (CFA). These programs – in which the Centre provides end-to-end research project development, coordination and delivery – are producing a suite of quality research outcomes that are entirely informed by the organisational needs of DEECA and CFA. The research is conducted via the Centre’s extensive research provider network to inform organisational direction on issues such as planned burning, bushfire prediction and mitigation, climatology, ecosystem resilience, smoke modelling and more.

Agreements between DEECA and the Centre (and its predecessor the Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC) have delivered over a decade of investment in research that improves understanding of bushfires and risk to the environment and communities. It has re-framed how these values are managed. It has enabled DEECA to be responsive to new or emerging policy and operational evidence needs, including critical responsiveness to post event inquiries.

For more information on delivering commissioned programs of research or individual projects for your organisation, please get in touch with Partnership Development Director Sarah Mizzi sarah.mizzi@naturalhazards.com.au.

Want to know more about how we work with partners and researchers?

Watch the webinar recording below to learn more about how we create research that is useful, actionable and supportive of better decision making to save lives and protect communities.