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Our people

An introduction to our people, including our Board, committees and staff, as well as researchers, end-users and students we work with.


Dr Greg Ayers
Board member
Iain Mackenzie
Deputy Chair
Tim Moltmann
Board member

Doug Smith
Board member

Kate Vinot
Board member
Sandra Whight
Board member

Education and Training Committee

The Education and Training Committee provides the Natural Hazards Research Australia Board with advice on the strategic directions that the Centre should take to support and promote training and education to improve resilience to natural hazards.

The role of the Committee includes, but is not limited to, oversight of the:

  • Postgraduate Research Scholarship and Associate Student programs
  • Early Career Researcher Development and Industry Fellowship program
  • Future Research-Skilled Workforce program
  • Research-informed education and training program.

Research and Implementation Committee

The Research and Implementation Committee provides the Natural Hazards Research Australia Board with strategic advice on the overall development of the Centre’s research and implementation programs, consistent with the Commonwealth Funding Agreement.

The role of the Committee includes, but is not limited to, oversight of:

  • the development of the 10-year Research Strategy
  • the development and operation of the Biennial Research Program
  • the development and operation of the Research Implementation Strategy

Our staff

Dr John Bates
Research Strategy Director

Loriana Bethune
DELWP Program and Node Research Manager

David Bruce
Communications Director

Vana Demetriou
Research Services Project Officer

Radhiya Fanham
Communications Officer

Andrew Gissing
Chief Executive Officer

Supriya Gurung
Research Services Project Officer

Dr Kat Haynes
Node Research Manager - NSW, ACT & SA

Friedo Ligthart
Graphic Designer

Nathan Maddock
Communications Manager

Nicklaus Mahony
Research Services Team Leader

Dr Blythe McLennan
Node Research Manager - Vic, Tas & WA

Sarah Mizzi
Partnership Development Director

Nicola Moore
Node Research Manager - Qld & NT

Beth Patch
Senior Communications Officer

Dr Shiva Prasad
Research & Implementation Director

Stacey Rosenbrock
Executive Assistant to CEO

Vaia Smirneos
Events Officer


Oliver Costello
Board member
Dr Phillipa McCormack
Early Career Research Fellow


Shauntelle Benjamin
Scholarship student

Sarah Dickson-Hoyle
Associate Student

Saimum Kabir
Scholarship student

Matthew Kyng
Scholarship student

Haydn McComas
Associate Student

Dr Heba Mohtady Ali
Associate Student

Danielle O'Hara
Associate Student

Douglas Radford
Associate Student

Wavne Rikkers
Scholarship student

Catherine Ryland
Scholarship student

Kate Simmonds
Scholarship student

Heather Simpson
Scholarship student

Simeon Telfer
Scholarship student

Yunjin Wang
Associate Student

Eleanor Williams
Associate Student