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Alen Slijepcevic

Country Fire Authority (Vic)



Alen is the Deputy Chief Officer Fire Risk, Research and Community Preparedness with the Country Fire Authority. After gaining a Master of Science (Forestry) Degree, Alen started his working career in Croatia as a forester from where he emigrated to New Zealand in 1995. He worked as a Fire Management Officer with the Forestry Corporation and a Technical Assistant - Fire Research Group with the NZ Forest Research Institute.  

After three years, Alen moved to Tasmania where he worked with Forestry Tasmania for seven years in variety of roles; the last two as the Manager Fire Management Branch.

Since 2005, he has been working in Melbourne, Victoria. For the first seven years he worked with Department of Sustainability and Environment, a majority of time as the Assistant Chief Officer Capability. In 2012, Alen started working with CFA.

Alen has presented at numerous national and international conferences on fire research and management topics.