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Dr Matt Plucinski



Dr Matt Plucinski is a Senior Research Scientist in the CSIRO Bushfire Behaviour and Suppression team.  He has over 20 years of experience in bushfire research and firefighting. His main research interest is bushfire suppression effectiveness.  He has conducted many field and laboratory bushfire experiments and is the author of many papers and research reports on suppression effectiveness including evaluations of airtankers, methods for assessing drop, suppressant and retardant effectiveness and a major literature review published in 2019.  Matt has collected and analysed suppression data at a variety of scales and has produced initial attack suppression models which have been used to inform suppression strategies, risk modelling and the prototype AFDRS Suppression Index.  He has been a member of several national and state-level working groups such as the AFAC Fire and Emergency Aviation Group and Victorian Large Air Tanker Reference Group (2014) and has been invited to speak on aerial firefighting effectiveness at international conferences.