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Roshni Sharma



Roshni Sharma is a Project Manager and Analyst at FrontierSI. Her primary responsibilities are managing a range of projects which over time will create positive disruptive impacts in the Australian geospatial industry, providing platforms for government, industry and academia to leverage spatial technologies and spatial data for business and economic benefit alongside social good. Roshni has studied postgraduate spatial information from the University of New South Wales, palaeoclimate research from the University of Sydney, and has a foundation background in environmental science and management from the University of Newcastle. Roshni is recognized as one of Geospatial World’s 50 Rising Stars of 2022, and has strong facilitation and industry engagement skills through her work at FrontierSI, SSSI and in organizing the Locate Hub at Australia’s annual Locate Conference for a number of years. Roshni is a recognized thought leader in the Australian geospatial industry and is also a graduate of the Women in STEM leadership program, Homeward Bound.