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A/Prof Timothy Neale

Deakin University


A/Prof TIm Neale is a senior research fellow at Deakin University. Tim is an anthropologist and has been combining this with fire science as well as Indigenous land management. Tim has been a project leader for the Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC and is now working on research with Natural Hazards Research Australia.

Project and roles
Project title Project team
Cultural land management research and governance in south-east Australia A/Prof Timothy Neale , Oliver Costello , Bhiamie Williamson , Dr Andrea Rawluk , Shaun Hooper , Dr Tasmin Dilworth , A/Prof Michael-Shaun Fletcher , Lachlan Beggs
Established and emerging uses of predictive services A/Prof Timothy Neale , Dr Graham Dwyer , Dr Chloe Begg , Dr Ian Pollock
Cultural land management Dr Kat Haynes , Ricky Archer , Glenn James , Danny Burton , Otto Campion , Barry Hunter , Ted Gondarra , James Bayung , A/Prof Timothy Neale , Oliver Costello , Tony Jansen
Predictions in public: understanding the design, communication and dissemination of predictive maps to the public Dr Chloe Begg , Angela Gardner , Dr Erica Kuligowski , Amy Griffin , A/Prof Paula Dootson , A/Prof Timothy Neale , Dr Graham Dwyer , A/Prof Deanna Grant-Smith , Gabrielle Miller , Gita Pupedis , Philippa Perry , Ailish Milner , Laurence McCoy , Don MacCorquodale , Jack Emeleus , Simeon Telfer , Chris Collins , Phillip Brien , Jackson Parker , Leighton Bush , Anthony Clark , Angus Farlam , Anna Grohn , Monique De Silva , Peter Middleton , Reegan Key , Deana Pullella , Fiona Dunstan
Awareness, education and communication for compound natural hazards Dr Gabi Mocatta , Dr Erin Hawley , Prof Kristy Hess , A/Prof Timothy Neale , A/Prof Joshua Newton , Noelle Nemeth , Malcom Johnston , Lova Jansson , Shellie Smythe
What makes a good fire simulator? Dr Hamish Clarke , Dr Alexander Filkov , Dr Kate Parkins , Prof Trent Penman , A/Prof Timothy Neale , Dr Erica Marshall , Dr Thomas Duff , Simon Heemstra
Cross-cultural relationships in natural resource management: understanding the nature and experiences of partnership and collaboration Louise Buckley , A/Prof Timothy Neale , Will Smith , Euan Ritchie