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Dr Jeff Kepert

Bureau of Meteorology


Jeff Kepert’s research encompasses tropical cyclones, fire weather, and data assimilation, and he led the Bureau of Meteorology’s High Impact Weather Research Team for almost ten years.

Jeff led the development of the Bureau’s tropical cyclone wind probability product, high-resolution simulation and analysis of multiple severe weather and fire events and co-led the further development of coupled fire-atmosphere simulation within the Bureau. He is a world leader in the tropical cyclone boundary layer and has made significant contributions to ember transport in bushfire plumes and pyrocumulus formation. 

Jeff has served as editor or associate editor of four journals, co-led the 8th International Workshop on Tropical Cyclones, organised numerous sessions at international conferences, and published about 70 peer-reviewed scientific papers. Prior to becoming a researcher, he worked for the Bureau of Meteorology as a forecaster and in training.