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Project title Project team
Modelling fire weather interactions using the ACCESS-Fire model Dr Mika Peace , Dr Jeff Kepert , Dr Paul Fox-Hughes , Barry Hanstrum , Dr Dragana Zovko-Rajak , Abhik Santra , Jesse Greenslade , John Bally , Laurence McCoy , Mike Wouters , Dr Lachlan McCaw , Mark Chladil , Dr Sarah Harris , Tasfia Shermin
Soil and fuel moisture precursors of fire activity during the 2019-20 fire season Dr Paul Fox-Hughes , A/Prof Marta Yebra , Shukhrat Shokirov , Dr Andrew Dowdy , Pandora Hope , Dr Mika Peace , Sugata Narsey , Francois Delage , Huqiang Zhang , John Bally
Predictions in public: understanding the design, communication and dissemination of predictive maps to the public Dr Chloe Begg , Angela Gardner , Dr Erica Kuligowski , Amy Griffin , A/Prof Paula Dootson , A/Prof Timothy Neale , Dr Graham Dwyer , A/Prof Deanna Grant-Smith , Gabrielle Miller , Gita Pupedis , Philippa Perry , Ailish Milner , Laurence McCoy , Don MacCorquodale , Jack Emeleus , Simeon Telfer , Chris Collins , Phillip Brien , Jackson Parker , Leighton Bush , Anthony Clark , Angus Farlam , Anna Grohn , Monique De Silva , Peter Middleton , Reegan Key , Deana Pullella , Fiona Dunstan
Translation of observed and modelled extreme bushfire behaviours to improve fire prediction and fireground safety Dr Mika Peace , Alen Slijepcevic , Chris Morton
Awareness, education and communication for compound natural hazards Dr Gabi Mocatta , Dr Erin Hawley , Prof Kristy Hess , A/Prof Timothy Neale , A/Prof Joshua Newton , Anthony Bradstreet
Flash flooding case studies to improve predictions and the communication of uncertainty Dr Carla Mooney , Dr Paul Fox-Hughes , Dr Brenda Mackie , Dr David Wilke , Dr Dragana Zovko-Rajak , Karen Hudson , Dr Carlos Velasco-Forero , Dr Wendy Sharples
Sector partner engagement to enhance severe weather impact predictions Liza Gelt , Dr Michael Rumsewicz , Rosie Tran , Dr Harald Richter , Craig Arthur
Fire Ember Transport Dr Jeff Kepert , John Bally
Long-range flood outlook for strategic preparedness
Developing an integrated predictive capability for extreme rainfall and inundation
Detecting fire plumes with mobile radar Dr Mika Peace , Pascal Mater , Peter May , Alain Protat , Mark Curtis , Jen Hollis , James Ashley , Afie Jazreen , Nick McCarthy , David Field , Simeon Telfer , Murray Mitchell , Jackson Parker