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What makes a good fire simulator? New research can help

Release date

18 November 2022

Expressions of Interest are now open for a new research project seeking to answer the question 'What makes a good fire simulator?' 

Australia is currently going through the process of developing a national fire simulator, Spark, for the Australian context. Fire simulators are vital tools that are deeply integrated into the practices of fire and land management agencies for tactical fire prediction, evaluating fire danger, research and assessing risk reduction strategies. They are also used by non-government agencies such as power companies and forest estates managers to identify risks and prioritise mitigation activities. 

As part of Natural Hazards Research Australia's core research program, the What makes a good fire simulator? project will undertake a deep engagement process within the sector to understand the strengths and weaknesses of current fire simulator systems and provide guidance on how we can improve systems to benefit all users in the future.

The successful research team is expected to work closely with the AFAC Predictive Services Group, CSIRO, software developers and other industry partners to gain insight and understanding of the simulator environment to meet three key objectives: 

  • Who uses fire simulators?
  • How they are used?
  • What decisions are they supporting?

Expressions of Interest are open until 11:59pm AEDT on Wednesday 7 December 2022. EOIs must be prepared using the Centre's EOI submission form. Find out more about this EOI, including the submission form and any frequently asked questions, on the What makes a good fire simulator? project page.