Strengthening reconciliation in natural hazards research

Bushland recovering from bushfire

16 November 2021

Natural Hazards Research Australia (the Centre) has begun the process of establishing a Reconciliation Action Plan (Reflect), through Reconciliation Australia, that will guide the initial and ongoing reconciliation priorities conducted by the Centre.  

The Centre believes that reconciliation with First Nations peoples is a shared responsibility that should be promoted within and between organisations, communities and people. As Australia’s national centre for natural hazard risk reduction and resilience, we are committed to strengthening reconciliation throughout the natural hazards research community and emergency management sector, as well as within the organisation itself. We believe that a Reconciliation Action Plan is an important initial step in this process.

To begin developing the Reconciliation Action Plan, we are keen to ensure that the voices of our First Nations partners are amplified, so we are seeking First Nations peoples from our networks to join us in the newly formed Reconciliation Working Group. Participants in this working group may be eligible for a payment to recognise the skills, expertise, time and effort they bring to the group.

If you are interested in joining our new Reconciliation Working Group or would like to recommend someone for consideration, please email Bethany Patch at, who is chairing the group.

This group is responsible for shaping and guiding the Centre’s reconciliation activities as will be outlined in the Reconciliation Action Plan, including promotion and support of First Nations-led research, programs and processes, as well as ensuring that First Nations people are included in internal structures and planning. 

The group will work closely with the CEO and the Board of Natural Hazards Research Australia to initially develop the Reconciliation Action Plan as a foundation for ongoing reconciliation. This will be guided by the five interrelated dimensions of reconciliation outlined in the 2021 State of Reconciliation in Australia Report, published by Reconciliation Australia: race relations, equality and equity, institutional integrity, historical acceptance and unity.