Quick response funding now available

Quick response funding

18 November 2021

Funding is now available from Natural Hazards Research Australia to support researchers travelling to areas recently affected by natural hazards to measure impacts in a timely manner.

The Centre’s new quick response funding allows researchers the opportunity to travel to disaster-affected areas, capture perishable data, and gain an understanding of the event and its impacts. These activities can help to identify significant research questions arising from major natural hazards and provide a context for developing more extensive research proposals.

This funding builds on the important quick response research conducted through the Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC, which supported post-disaster research impacts, recovery, data collection and rehabilitation, planning and community response for natural hazards between 2016 and 2021.

Funding support is limited to $3,000 (excluding GST) per team for any individual natural hazard. The funding is designed to reimburse travel-related expenses including airfares, car rental and accommodation. Minor data collection expenditure may also be considered. Upon completion, a report detailing the activities undertaken must be provided to the Centre.

First Nations researchers are strongly encouraged to apply for funding.

For more information, contact research@naturalhazards.com.au.