Learning from disasters | Natural Hazards Research Australia

Learning from disasters

Lived experience from emergencies and disasters caused by natural hazards provides important learning and research opportunities to:

  • understand the underlying risks and exposures
  • understand the behaviour of communities, private sector players and government entities across all tiers and knowledge before, during and after an event
  • explore the effectiveness of responses through all stages of the event
  • collect data and information that can be used to test and trial new approaches.

The Centre will actively engage in learning from disasters and will:

  • work with partners to undertake research in the aftermath of relevant events
  • contribute to relevant inquires and related activities
  • assist in addressing recommendations relevant to the objectives of the Centre
  • contribute to engagement opportunities to strengthen lessons management.

Information captured after natural hazard emergencies and disasters represents a significant source of data for monitoring and evaluation, and as a resource to support additional research. The Centre will have the capacity to support the collection of information following significant emergencies and disasters caused by natural hazards.

Research in this theme will collect social and physical information that contributes to resilience and risk reduction, including:

  • community development and resilience measures
  • operational improvements
  • expanding accessible research and operational data collections
  • providing data records that can be used to validate, develop and test new systems, tools, programs and strategies.