Operational response and innovation | Natural Hazards Research Australia

Operational response and innovation

The performance of response systems, response capabilities and regulated industries will be informed and enabled through innovation and different ways of thinking and operating.

This will provide opportunities to:

  • increase the safety of responders to emergencies and disasters at all levels – from single local incidents through to national response capabilities
  • make the most efficient use of resources
  • be informed by effective situational awareness
  • maximise collaboration, cooperation and coordination between all organisations providing response services/activities.

Research in this theme may explore many perspectives, including:

First responders

  • enhanced vehicle design and capability
  • remote and autonomous response operations
  • improved safety
  • data – and evidence-informed asset management and deployment
  • better use of real-time data feeds
  • testing and trialling capabilities
  • enhanced automation of in-field data collection
  • future operating environments

Essential services

  • critical infrastructure operation, including electricity supply and communications services
  • protection of business and community lifelines
  • impact forecasting
  • transport and supply chains (food, etc)

Local and community-based activities

  • evacuation centres
  • approaches to recovery
  • relief services
  • activation and engagement