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Victorian bushfire reconstruction data

Project type

Commissioned research

Project status

In progress

The object of this project is to improve access to the data required for bushfire reconstructions. Much of the data required is stored within fire and land agencies' systems; however, it is often in different formats and not always linked to the fire being reconstructed.

This project will develop a detailed data analysis on Victorian bushfire reconstruction data that will feed into the national bushfire information database being developed through the Centre’s core research program.

Project details

The lack of complete and accessible retrospective bushfire event information is a recognised gap within the Victorian bushfire management sector. This gap obstructs several actions required for fire and land agencies to be able to commit to a thorough adaptive management approach to bushfire risk management. The objectives of this project are therefore to:

  • identify data flow and consistency issues within and across Victorian fire and land agencies relating to data required for bushfire reconstructions
  • make recommendations on best practices for managing bushfire reconstruction information
  • develop templates for storing fire incident information and for undertaking reconstructions
  • develop templates for the fuel and potential fire behaviour information that should be stored prior to an event to aid response
  • identify new data or new data collection methods
  • make recommendations on software engineering solutions to ensure information can be stored and recalled on a per-fire, district, data and fire season basis.
Date Type Title
25 January 2023 Hazard note edition Hazard Note 1: Understanding the Black Summer bushfires through research