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The role of Node Research Managers

Release date

15 December 2021

As part of the establishment of Natural Hazards Research Australia, the new role of Node Research Manager was created. The Centre currently has three Node Research Managers – Nicola Moore, Dr Kat Haynes and Dr Blythe McLennan – based in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, respectively.

But what exactly is a Node Research Manager and what will their jobs be at the Centre?

As a newly formed role within the Centre, the work of Node Research Managers will evolve over time. However, they have a pivotal role to play in the way the Centre interacts with end-users and researchers on a day-to-day basis.

The Centre does not have a formal head office. Rather, it operates through nodes in the states and territories. Each node has responsibility for bringing together the end-users and researchers in each state or territory.

Within this structure, Node Research Managers will oversee the operations of their respective nodes to ensure that the research program meets the needs of end-users, from project initiation through to research implementation. They will therefore be the main point of contact with the Centre for most project end-users and researchers, with responsibility for stakeholder engagement, partnership development, project management, education and training. They will also work as part of a national team on common issues, including working with the Communications team.

While there are currently three nodes based in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, this doesn’t mean that other states and territories miss out. The Node Managers are working together to ensure that end-users and researchers across all states and territories will have the same opportunities to connect with the Centre and its research program. Discussions are continuing how other nodes can be established.

Getting in touch

In coming months, you will see and hear more from the Node Research Managers as they establish ways of working, collaborating and communicating within state and territory networks. If you would like to connect with a Node Research Manager directly, please contact them by email in the first instance:

The Node Managers, as well as the broader Centre research team, can also be reached through