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Community-led recovery: evidence, dimensions and supports for Community Recovery Committees

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Project type

Core research

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This project:

  1. developed a broad description of Community Recovery Committees (CRCs) based on insights from CRC members and recovery agencies
  2. tested and validated the Self-assessment Tool for Community Recovery Committees, developed through the Community-led recovery project
  3. investigated the representativeness of CRCs by looking at their social networks within the community.

This project was co-funded by Emergency Management Victoria. Bushfire Recovery Victoria co-funded Phase 1 of the project under the Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC Black Summer program.

A Hazardous Webinar on supporting community-led recovery was held 18 July 2023. The webinar explained key findings and highlighted the self-assessment tool and the online social network mapping tool that have been developed to help Community Recovery Committees form, plan and identify the help they need. You can watch the recording below.

Project details

While there is existing research that establishes why CRCs are important, there is only limited information that exists to guide CRCs in their formation, planning and how they engage with other organisations, such as government bodies. There is also only limited research about how representative CRCs are. 

The results of this research will:

  • provide CRCs with a tool to help them form, plan and identify help needed
  • improve the shared understanding between CRCs and the agencies working in recovery about how they can work together
  • help CRCs understand how they are positioned within their community
  • help agencies better understand the role, dynamics and challenges facing CRCs.

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