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Project title Project team
Cultural land management research and governance in south-east Australia A/Prof Timothy Neale , Oliver Costello , Bhiamie Williamson , Dr Andrea Rawluk , Shaun Hooper , Dr Tasmin Dilworth , A/Prof Michael-Shaun Fletcher , Lachlan Beggs
Community-led recovery: evidence, dimensions and supports for Community Recovery Committees Prof Lisa Gibbs , Dr Colin Gallagher , Dr Kate Brady , Hannah Morrice , Yvette Clarke
Impact of fires on temperate rainforests in northern New South Wales Kate Simmonds , Prof Patrick Baker , Dr Ross Peacock
Flood risk reduction in a dynamic urban context exploring the urban-water-resilience nexus Saimum Kabir , Dr Alan March
Established and emerging uses of predictive services A/Prof Timothy Neale , Dr Graham Dwyer , Dr Chloe Begg , Dr Ian Pollock
Community-led recovery Prof Lisa Gibbs , Dr Colin Gallagher , Dr Kate Brady , Greg Ireton , Phoebe Quinn , Yvette Clarke , Fyowna Norton , Vaughn Brandenburg , Stewart Davies , Claire Leppold , Andrew Haywood
Black Summer bushfires: South Australia reconstructions Dr Hamish Clarke , Dr Alexander Filkov , A/Prof Karin Reinke , Prof Simon Jones , A/Prof Trent Penman , Dr Owen Price , Prof Ross Bradstock , Dr Matthias Boer , Nur Trihantoro , Mike Wouters
Assessing post-fire recovery of flora and fauna in mechanical fuel reduction E. sieberi forests after wildfires 2020 Dr Luba Volkova , Dr Chris Weston , Dr Julian Di Stefano
Informing post-fire recovery planning of northern NSW rainforests Dr Ross Peacock , Amy Smart , Prof Patrick Baker
Quantifying major bushfire consequences Dr Kate Parkins , Dr Veronique Florec
Fostering international collaborations and improving science communication for disaster recovery Dr Kate Brady
Creativity, recovery, and resilience: how the arts strengthen resilience in communities affected by disasters Anna Kennedy-Borissow , Dr Caitlin Vincent , Claire Leppold