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Dr Kate Brady
Early Career Research Fellow
Greg Ireton
Phoebe Quinn
Claire Leppold
Dr Hamish Clarke
Early- and Mid- Career Academic and Practitioner Network Executive Committee member
Hannah Morrice
Dr Tom Fairman
Peter Kamstra
Paul Bentley
Brett Cirulis
Project title Project team
Cultural land management research and governance in south-east Australia A/Prof Timothy Neale , Oliver Costello , Bhiamie Williamson , Dr Andrea Rawluk , Shaun Hooper , Dr Tasmin Dilworth , A/Prof Michael-Shaun Fletcher , Lachlan Beggs
Community-led recovery: evidence, dimensions and supports for Community Recovery Committees Prof Lisa Gibbs , Dr Colin Gallagher , Dr Kate Brady , Hannah Morrice , Yvette Clarke
Impact of fires on temperate rainforests in northern New South Wales Kate Simmonds , Prof Patrick Baker , Dr Ross Peacock
Flood risk reduction in a dynamic urban context exploring the urban-water-resilience nexus Saimum Kabir , Dr Alan March
Established and emerging uses of predictive services A/Prof Timothy Neale , Dr Graham Dwyer , Dr Chloe Begg , Dr Ian Pollock
Community-led recovery Prof Lisa Gibbs , Dr Colin Gallagher , Dr Kate Brady , Greg Ireton , Phoebe Quinn , Yvette Clarke , Fyowna Norton , Vaughn Brandenburg , Stewart Davies , Claire Leppold , Andrew Haywood
Black Summer bushfires: South Australia reconstructions Dr Hamish Clarke , Dr Alexander Filkov , A/Prof Karin Reinke , Prof Simon Jones , Prof Trent Penman , A/Prof Owen Price , Prof Ross Bradstock , Dr Matthias Boer , Nur Trihantoro , Mike Wouters
Assessing post-fire recovery of flora and fauna in mechanical fuel reduction E. sieberi forests after wildfires 2020 Dr Luba Volkova , Dr Chris Weston , Dr Julian Di Stefano
Informing post-fire recovery planning of northern NSW rainforests Dr Ross Peacock , Amy Smart , Prof Patrick Baker
Integrated solutions for bushfire-adaptive homes Dr Raphaele Blanchi , Laura Kostanski , Dr Mittul Vahanvati , A/Prof Brian Cook , Dr Ken Strahan , Justin Leonard , Garth Warren , Alessio Arena , Dr Dulani Halvitigala , Febe De Geest , Peter Kamstra , Anthony Bradstreet , Mark Holland , Melissa O'Hallaran , Dr Chloe Begg , John Gilbert
Evaluating the Resilient Homes Fund Prof Paula Jarzabkowski , Dr Tyler Riordan , Dr Matthew Mason , Dr Katie Meissner , Prof Alicia Rambaldi , Prof Benjamin Avanzi , Dr Laurel Johnson , Stephanie Wyeth , Dan Kilpatrick , Karlyn Cooper
Quantifying major bushfire consequences Dr Kate Parkins , Dr Veronique Florec
Fostering international collaborations and improving science communication for disaster recovery Dr Kate Brady
Creativity, recovery, and resilience: how the arts strengthen resilience in communities affected by disasters Anna Kennedy-Borissow , Dr Caitlin Vincent , Claire Leppold
Bushfire reconstructions: developing a data solution to support simulator evaluation Dr Alexander Filkov , Dr Kate Parkins , Paul Bentley , Brendan Holyland , Brett Cirulis , Darcy Prior , Kristy Butler