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Connecting Indigenous people and the emergency management sector – effective partnerships

Research theme
  • Communities and workforces of the future
  • Evidence-informed policy, strategy and foresight
  • Operational response and innovation
Project type

Core research

Project status

In progress

NAILSMA and local Indigenous consultants will hold a series of discussions with Indigenous community members in their region, reviewing research and other work done over the course of the Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC Black Summer project and in preparation for a forum to be held at Burketown (Gulf Queensland), hosted by Gunggalida Garawa people. The forum will involve Indigenous representatives from communities in the Kimberly, Northern Territory and north Queensland, senior emergency management and other relevant agency representatives.

Research team
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Ricky Archer
Research leader
Project details

An Indigenous Reference Group will be established to guide this project. The Group will have representatives from each northern jurisdiction. An agency Reference Group with representation from senior emergency management and other significant agency staff will be enacted to provide feedback on project activities and outcomes, also engaging directly with Indigenous leaders and their ideas at the forum to explore mutual stance on constructive change and development in the sector.

Representation of this project will be made (where possible) to relevant state, territory and Federal Government ministers to promote the initiative, the ideas and recommendations that come from it and garner support.

In general, this project aims to:

  • empower a local group of Traditional Owners and land managers with the opportunity to bring senior, knowledgeable and influential people from Indigenous communities and emergency management agencies across the north together for frank and open discussion
  • further the collective discussion and understanding of opportunities for constructive change in emergency management engagement with Indigenous communities
  • explore the specific example of the partnership between Indigenous leadership and land management around Burketown and its potential relevance to other peoples/areas
  • further discussion about challenges, opportunities and initiatives in emergency management in other jurisdictions and areas
  • directly employ Indigenous researchers and facilitators to use and or improve their skills and understanding in this sector
  • stimulate and inform further discussion within emergency management agencies and governments about initiatives that will further the mutual interests of Indigenous people and wider public in developing more effective, cost-efficient emergency management
  • strengthen the case for federal government engagement and support for this initiative and the recommendations that come from it
  • draw connections amongst various relate programs and sectors to garner more holistic support.