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Effectiveness of bushfire risk reduction

Project type

Commissioned research

Project status

In progress

An online briefing was held on Thursday 29 September at 9.30am AEDT to run through the details of the project and answer any questions. Watch the briefing recording below. 

Project details

This project will be conducted in three stages to ensure that appropriate indicators of bushfire risk reduction are identified and prioritised for application. The research team will:

  • undertake a systematic review of bushfire impacts, mitigation costs, mitigation effectiveness and the interactions between them
  • undertake an analysis of fire agencies’ data systems and practices to document them and describe the information that is routinely collected on fire and mitigation activity costs, benefits and impacts
  • produce a report that presents current and potential values and metrics used by agencies to measure the effectiveness of bushfire mitigation activities.

This project builds on existing research conducted on community values and indicators of the effectiveness of bushfire risk management in reducing risk to these values. The outcomes of this project will support the strategic pathway of the Joint Research Strategy in terms of 'increased sector capability in social and behavioural science research and practice to better understand community behaviours and values’, as well as providing approaches that may inform improved risk modelling. This project will show the interrelation between the different activities and present examples of how they work together to reduce bushfire risk.