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Research data management

Research theme

Evidence-informed policy, strategy and foresight

Project type

Core research

Project status


The objective of this project is to ensure that to the extent possible, the Centre is: 

  1. effectively supporting and contributing to accessible national data and knowledge collections

  1. ensuring there is a clear ethical framework and associated guidelines for natural-hazards research that involves people who have been impacted or traumatised by the impacts and effects of emergencies and disasters caused by natural hazards. 

Project details

This project will include four linked sub-projects (each focused on one of the above subject areas), to bring together existing knowledge and where there are gaps in capability, to scope the work required to: 

  • develop relevant frameworks for the collection, storage, curation for each of the research datasets, and transition of relevant datasets into trusted national repositories (for example Australian Climate Services, Geoscience Australia Digital Earth platform)

  • understand opportunities to link to existing data repositories (e.g. TERN, Australian Climate Services) 

  • develop access arrangements, including recommendations for a registry (or registries) to assist in capturing datasets and making them discoverable for post-disaster community research

  • ensure there are consistent and agreed national research data retention policies.