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Project title Project team
Modelling fire weather interactions using the ACCESS-Fire model Dr Mika Peace , Dr Jeff Kepert , Dr Paul Fox-Hughes , Barry Hanstrum , Dr Dragana Zovko-Rajak , Abhik Santra , Jesse Greenslade , John Bally , Laurence McCoy , Mike Wouters , Dr Lachlan McCaw , Mark Chladil , Dr Sarah Harris , Tasfia Shermin
Soil and fuel moisture precursors of fire activity during the 2019-20 fire season Dr Paul Fox-Hughes , A/Prof Marta Yebra , Shukhrat Shokirov , Dr Andrew Dowdy , Pandora Hope , Dr Mika Peace , Sugata Narsey , Francois Delage , Huqiang Zhang , John Bally
Identifying water sources using satellite imagery Leo Lymburner , Claire Krause , Matthew Alger
Using earth observation to better understand the effects of aerial firefighting A/Prof Karin Reinke , Prof Simon Jones
Established and emerging uses of predictive services A/Prof Timothy Neale , Dr Graham Dwyer , Dr Chloe Begg , Dr Ian Pollock
Cultural land management Dr Kat Haynes , Ricky Archer , Glenn James , Danny Burton , Otto Campion , Barry Hunter , Ted Gondarra , James Bayung , A/Prof Timothy Neale , Oliver Costello , Tony Jansen
Community-led recovery Prof Lisa Gibbs , Dr Colin Gallagher , Dr Kate Brady , Greg Ireton , Phoebe Quinn , Yvette Clarke , Fyowna Norton , Vaughn Brandenburg , Stewart Davies , Claire Leppold , Andrew Haywood
Wind speed Reduction Factors (WRF): utilities for WRF assessment and communication Prof Hamish McGowan , Katherine Rosenthal , Raymond Bott , John Myles
Analysis and characterisation of bushfire-meets-prescribed burn Black Summer fires in NSW A/Prof Owen Price , Heather Simpson
Investigation of the suitability of aviation tracking data for use in bushfire suppression effectiveness research A/Prof Owen Price , Heather Simpson
Black Summer Victorian bushfire case studies Owen Salkin
Black Summer bushfires: South Australia reconstructions Dr Hamish Clarke , Dr Alexander Filkov , A/Prof Karin Reinke , Prof Simon Jones , Prof Trent Penman , A/Prof Owen Price , Prof Ross Bradstock , Dr Matthias Boer , Nur Trihantoro , Mike Wouters
Yanchep Black Summer bushfire reconstruction: insights to inform situational awareness and future management Dr Joe Fontaine , Adrian Allen