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Quantifying major bushfire consequences

Photo: Indigo Skies Photography (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)
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Commissioned research

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This research will determine categories of consequence for fires modelled to start at points relating to Powerlink assets using the standardised methodology developed from Project IGNIS. This will lead to an identification of priority areas within the Powerlink network for future mitigation investments and activities.

Project details

Project IGNIS, funded by Energy Networks Australia and conducted by the Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC, developed a methodology to be applied consistently across electricity networks to better quantify the impacts of major bushfires relating to network assets. This methodology, which was co-designed with a selection of networks, produced an industry-supported and credible reference for funding applications. Project IGNIS demonstrated the applicability of the methodology through a few case studies; however, none catered for northern Australia.

This project will apply the IGNIS methodology to a Queensland case study site, selected by Powerlink. An important consideration with this project will be considering and quantifying the losses of the interconnector during a major bushfire.

The outcomes of this project will lead to a deeper understanding of the costs associated with major bushfire events linked to the electricity network operated by Powerlink, to inform investment business cases for future mitigation activities.