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Project title Project team
Cultural land management research and governance in south-east Australia A/Prof Timothy Neale , Oliver Costello , Bhiamie Williamson , Dr Andrea Rawluk , Shaun Hooper , Dr Tasmin Dilworth , A/Prof Michael-Shaun Fletcher , Lachlan Beggs
Planning for bushfire protection: maintenance of bushfire protection measures Catherine Ryland , Prof Ross Bradstock , Dr Joshua Whittaker
Productivity and effectiveness of suppression resources and tactics on large fires Heather Simpson , Prof Ross Bradstock , Dr Owen Price
Cultural land management Dr Kat Haynes , Ricky Archer , Glenn James , Danny Burton , Otto Campion , Barry Hunter , Ted Gondarra , James Bayung , A/Prof Timothy Neale , Oliver Costello , Tony Jansen
Analysis and characterisation of bushfire-meets-prescribed burn Black Summer fires in NSW Dr Owen Price , Heather Simpson
Investigation of the suitability of aviation tracking data for use in bushfire suppression effectiveness research Dr Owen Price , Heather Simpson
Black Summer bushfires: South Australia reconstructions Dr Hamish Clarke , Dr Alexander Filkov , A/Prof Karin Reinke , Prof Simon Jones , A/Prof Trent Penman , Dr Owen Price , Prof Ross Bradstock , Dr Matthias Boer , Nur Trihantoro , Mike Wouters
Community attitudes and experiences of the 2019/20 NSW bushfire season Dr Joshua Whittaker , Dr Kat Haynes , Carrie Wilkinson , Dr Matalena Tofa , Stephanie Samson , Dr Tasmin Dilworth , Jessica Collins , Lillian Tait
Capturing uncertainty in bushfire spread prediction
Developing novel geochemical and spectroscopic techniques to extend existing bushfire records Rebecca Ryan , Prof Anthony Dosseto , Dr Zoe Thomas
Quantifying runoff in arid zone basins of central Australia Atul Kumar Rai , Dr Timothy Cohen , Samuel Marx